The Wild Coast’s Haven Hotel has long been considered one of the prime spots in the country for catching Kob and Spotted Grunter. Many of the fish caught in this area have become part of fishing folklore. The Mbashe river mouth and surrounding Wild Coast coastline form part of a Marine Protected Area (MPA) and fishing is not allowed from within the reserves.

Numerous spots are available just outside the reserve and here the intrepid angler can expect to catch Stumpnose, Bronze Bream, Zebra, Blacktail and Rockcod in the numerous gullies and Grunter, Garrick, Shad and Kingfish from the shore.

In August, the Grunter arrive in large numbers and this annual Wild Coast event is eagerly anticipated by all at the hotel. The best bait for these fish are swimming prawns, cracker shrimp and crabs but sardine can also be effective when they are “on the bite”.

Large Kob are caught mainly in the winter and spring using live mullet, lures or even bait such as prawns and sardine.

The Haven Hotel has a responsibility to ensure that it plays its part in ensuring the integrity and sustainability of this special part of the Wild Coast coastline.

Although anglers are welcome to keep a limited amount of fish “for the pan”, catch-and-release is encouraged at all times.

Our chefs will be glad to cook your catch to your specifications, but no freezing of fish will be permitted on the premises.

The hotel and surrounds are a kids paradise. The Haven is a place where childhood memories are created. We have acres of lawns and endless beaches for kids to play and explore.

The expansive lawns allow for kite flying, frisbee, football, cricket volleyball and pony rides. A “rustic” nine hole chip and put mashe golf course is available for those wishing to hone their skills.

There is a jungle gym, swings, sandpit and trampoline situated in front of the hotel in close proximity to the games room which has table tennis.

Adjacent to the swimming pool is a pool table to keep your kids amused. A 40m slippery slide is available which is a major attraction to young and not so young.

The Penzu estuary below the hotel provides a perfect environment for kids to frolic in it warm and shallow waters. Canoes are available to take the kids for a paddle around the estuary.

The beach is situated 150 meters from the hotel and allows for sand castle building, shell collecting and swimming.

Early evening meals are provided for kids and babysitters are available to those wanting time out to spend time together.

For parents needing a break, babysitters are available.