There are 2 estuaries and the Mbashe river which are accessible from the hotel.

Canoes are available at the Mpenzu estuary and Mbashe River.  You are likely to see fish jumping, may encounter a leguaan (monitor lizard) or hear the call of a fish eagle.

The Mbanyana also offers a very scenic paddle but requires that you transport a canoe to the estuary. It’s well worth the effort.

Jump into a canoe and paddle around the Mpenzu estuary below the hotel. The Estuary is blind (closed) for most of the year and allows for a sedate but scenic paddle.

The Mbashe River offers at least 18km’s of the navigable river where one can paddle past the mangroves and at certain times of the year witness the colourful flowers of the Mbashe Spider Clivia which are endemic to our area.

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