We have 5 well trained and good-natured boereperd geldings at the hotel. Our rides take you thru the magnificent forests and along the endless deserted beaches of this pristine Cwebe Nature Reserve. Being on a horse gives one a different perspective of the reserve.

All horses are trained specifically for trail riding. All horses live out barefoot. We are fortunate to receive support from Equifeeds (www.equifeeds.co.za) who supply food and nutrition advice. In addition, we are grateful to Lloyd and Isabel Gillespie (www.ridingforhorses.co.za) for their ongoing advice and assistance.

For the little ones that are too young to venture out in the reserve, we offer a short riding experience over the golf course. The children are led around the hotel grounds on a calm pony. This is for kids aged 6 and under.
Rides are subject to tides, season, weather and the discretion of the guide.

Mbashe River loop

Our most popular ride takes you through the forest to the Mbashee river mouth, to Shark point and back to the hotel along the beach. It is a fantastic ride for beginners and experienced people alike. Enjoy riding through one of the last intact ancient coastal forests in the country, a stunning view of the great Mbashe River mouth and an exhilirating or calm ride over a pristine stretch of beach in a Marine Protected Area.

Grassy Banks – Mbashe River

Ride down to the Mbashe river and along a forest road up to the grassy banks. See magnificant trees and emerge from the forest on the banks of the river.

Watch the crabs burrowing  around the mangroves.

Forest Ride

These rides through the forest are a perfect opportunity for nature lovers to see many different species of birds, plants and trees. This is a fantastic way to enjoy the true beauty of the forest.

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